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Born in the State of Maryland and raised in the streets of Philadelphia, Dawane L. Cromwell always had plans on owning a business. As a youth Mr. Cromwell was in and out of foster care and group homes until the age of 16. Everyday, as a youth, he was always told that he would never become anything in life. Today, he is an individual who has overcome many obstacles in his life. As a result, he is seen as a role model to his peers. One of his major accomplishments is the successful start of his own entertainment company “Embacy Entertainment”. He has invested time and money into people in the community to help and develop their talents and channel positive energy into a positive venture. This act has provided some at-risk youth with the desire to excel in a world that was considered hostile. This reflects the gift that he has at turning a negative situation into a positive situation.

Mr. Cromwell is intelligent, friendly, open, resilient, considerate and kind. His altruistic nature is seen and commended by all. He is dependable, relentless, and passionate about his views. Mr. Cromwell has excellent emotional intelligence that makes him a natural mediator. As Owner & CEO, he has over 10 years experience in the entertainment field. Embacy Entertainment was developed with a mindset of people first. The vision and foundation was built on, HONESTY; LOYALTY AND TRUST. Mr. Cromwell has a comprehensive knowledge of the industry, extensive resources to bring business into any venue, and a vast database of industry contacts and business prospects.


Denny B was born on the 20th August 1984 in Aberdeen, Scotland. From a young age, he was keen on most sports. He was also very keen on films and all types of music. When watching a film, rather than only doing this for entertainment, Denny found himself always thinking about how films are made and what could make them better. In late 2011, Denny B began trying to write his own film scripts, and has many ideas. One script in particular had generated interest from some publishers. This fast pace interest from publishers began to make Denny feel that maybe he could live his real dream by doing a similar thing with music. He then decided to start GoldRok Management Agency. In this role Denny knew he had to work very hard to succeed in the industry. He began searching for unknown, unsigned artists in “United Kingdom” he quickly begin to help this artist become more successful. His first client's music was quite modern and folkie and he managed to set up interviews for her (one was broadcasted on the radio). X factor had been in contact with Denny and his client asking her if she would like to sing as an opening act on their tour. However, it was soon realized that this was a fake opportunity and was not really Xfactor. This disappointment showed how careful Denny needed to be in this industry, and made him wiser about scams like this one.

On June 5th 2012, Denny B and Dawane Cromwell begin talks about the closure of GoldRok Management Agency to take an opportunity to work for Embacy Entertainment, LLC this office would be based in the United Kingdom where Denny B already resided and was currently running a company from. This was something Mr. Cromwell always had plans on doing. Denny B accepted this opportunity and the paperwork and emails followed to steal the deal. In 2012 Embacy Entertainment would be up and running in UK, Denny B will hold the title of President of Operations and would run offices in London under the direction of Mr. Cromwell. In mid to late 2012, plans are being made to open Embacy Records, Management, Marketing and Promotions, Modeling Agency and Security will be put into effect and these services will be operating in UK, with other projects in the pipeline.

Mr. Shawn Fernandez was born and raised in Philadelphia; as a youth Mr. Fernandez wasn’t too sure what life had in store for him.  He just knew he wanted to become very successful in life. Mr. Fernandez youth years seem to move slowly and life started getting harder for him.  Mr. Fernandez got through these hardships and finished school with dreams on going off to college. One thing that he always loved was computers this was something he quickly wanted to pursue, he set goals to become a computer technician.  While Mr. Fernandez was growing into a young man, he came into contact with Dawane Cromwell in 2007. Mr. Cromwell pushed him to become a better person and always told him to chase his dreams no matter the situation. Mr. Cromwell put Shawn into a management position a few months after meeting him.  Mr. Cromwell became a mentor for Mr. Fernandez over the last 6 years, keeping him on the right path and well grounded. 

Today, Mr. Fernandez is in Community College of Philadelphia working to become a computer technician and he is also taking business courses to better his career. Since 2011, Shawn’s been working alongside of Owner / CEO “Dawane Cromwell” helping in all areas of Marketing & Promoting as well as event management. Mr. Fernandez played a big part in the success of Embacy Entertainment events over the years; in 2012 Mr. Fernandez was awarded positions of Director of Operations for USA and United Kingdom offices. Mr. Fernandez has great people skills, he is self motivated and has a very strong work ethic with the skills to negotiate, and not just demand. Mr. Cromwell could not have picked a better person for this role! 

Joshua “SNUB” Henry was born on October 4th 1983 in the city of Philadelphia, Joshua has always planned on being great and standing out amongst the rest. At a very young age he was always eager to express himself to let the world know to take notice. Joshua who also goes by the name SNUB, which was a nickname giving to him as an young adolescent, is determined to succeed in whatever endeavor he pursues.  Around the age of 14 he took his passion to music and became an indie artist in the City of Philadelphia under the artist name “SNUB” and began to write and record songs at local studios. After a few years and a better understanding of the business he decided that the business was more attractive than the fame.  Attending numerous music conferences and have discussions with label executives to furthermore understand the business, he knew that this was his calling. Before going head first into his new attraction to the music business Joshua felt as though it would be better to know how to run a business for himself in order to learn how to properly operate in a productive way and also keep his ties to the music industry.  After creating All Corners Covered Promotions he began to host and throw parties in the Philadelphia area for numerous venues and artists.  This direction leads Joshua into contact with Dawne Cromwell where the two came together promoting and managing events in the city. This business partnership grew into not only a mutually respected friendship but much more than either of the two may have imagined. Understanding that Joshua is a very intelligent, driven, focused, and creative individual the two got together and decided to make this partnership reunite.

Now the newly appointed President of A&R for the Embacy Entertainment Record Label Joshua has now been giving the opportunity to hold that position he dearly desired years ago.  His main focus is to select the best talent to bring Emabcy Records to the forefront. The experience gained as being an artist himself and dealing with record executives in the past allows Joshua to understand what’s needed to select great talent for the label.  His hard work ethic and drive pushes him on a daily basis to strive for success and will except nothing less from business peers around him. “It’s not about where you came from that truly matters, it’s about where you are going which confirms the person inside” is a quote that Joshua lives by. Not coming from the best of things in his own situation makes him appreciate all that has been given to him and creates the motto to never let it be taking for granted. As an A&R you must have a keen set of instincts, and know exactly where to find the next big artist and help develop their careers. Joshua has proved to have the talent to walk into any situation and deal with it in a proper manner to make both parties successful.

Symone C. Hill, was born in the City of Philadelphia to Mark Stasney & Samantha Malone on May 11, 1993. She recently graduated from Universal Charter Aundenried High. From an early age, she always knew that she wanted to be someone special, she enjoy being in the spotlight and making people laugh.  Ms. Hill always had the desire and passion to stand out from her peers, she have a great personality and wonderful since of humor.  Don’t be fooled Ms. Hill at this very young age, she have a very serious work ethic, her awards speak for themselves.  She would like to contribute a valuable service to Embacy Entertainment; thus enhancing the service and excitement that will be influence my community.  She is serious about providing quality of life for herself and family. Ms. Hill expresses issue in her community that she would like to fix. In order to obtain this, she is aware that that she must work hard now to put the leg work in and influence others around her.  Ms. Hill has plans on attending college full-time to obtain a degree in Business Administration so she can use these skills to better her career with Embacy Entertainment. In August 2012 Symone Hill was appointed Vice President of Embacy Modeling Agency. Symone was chosen for this role because she possesses excellent organizational skills, along with strong interpersonal skills and the ability to solve problems, resolve conflicts and get things done. She has I excellent emotional intelligence that makes her a natural mediator.  Mr. Cromwell knows she will take this agency to great heights. 

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